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First-Time Homeownership - Start Planning Early

Two weeks ago, Haus of Pride held our signature First-Time Homeownership talk at Proud Spaces. Held in conjunction with PinkFest and Pride Month, it was a sold-out event with over 70 guests eager to learn about their options when it comes to property purchase in Singapore.

Navigating through our confusing public housing policies, understanding macroeconomics that affect home prices and ability to obtaining a home loan can sometime be a bit daunting to our queer folks in their 20s and 30s. William, Ching and Cheong Chye were glad to demystify some of procedures and offer solutions for our young friends.

For this year’s edition, within increasing home prices on everyone’s mind, we focused on the importance of planning early. If you’ve missed our talk this year, keep these points in mind when planning your homeownership journey:

·         The key word of your 20s – Please “Save”. The three components of ensuring you are able to purchase a property are Cash, CPF and Loan. Often, we meet people with good jobs, but just do not have enough in terms of cash savings. Yes, spend and enjoy your hard-earned money, but do also save enough for your home purchase.


·         Speaking of saving, try as much as possible, not to rent for too long. Think about it, if you spend $1,200 on renting a room for 10 years, that’s almost $150,000 gone!! And that’s not even considering rental escalation.


·         Thinking HDB BTO is the only way to go. While the option to go the BTO route could be alluring in terms of price, by the time the flat is ready, you would already be 40 years old. And do you really want to live in a tiny 2-room flexi apartment? Speak to your trusted realtor and really understand your finances. With the government throwing out grants left-right-centre for first-time buyers, you may be able to afford that perfect resale home (and move in within 3 months) after all.


·         Buying under Joint Singles scheme when you do not have to. If you and your SO are thinking of living together, is it really necessary to buy together as well? Why lock both of your names into the same property when each of you can potentially afford your own place and make property progression easier in future?


·         Finally, start thinking about what property type and at what age you are aiming to purchase your property. Have a solid long term game plan. Are you going to purchase your forever home? Would you consider upgrading your property in a few years? Would a HDB or private condominium work better for you?


Per usual, our members at Haus of Pride are always ready to lend a listening ear when you’re ready to embark on this property ownership journey with us!

As Pride Month comes to an end, we encourage all of you to Live Proud today and to Live Proud every day.

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